Frequently Asked Questions

How do we charter the helicopters?

Customer may provide their charter request to Pawan Hans through our website ( or may visit our offices in Delhi, Noida & Mumbai regarding their Charter requirement. For booking of charters customers will be required to provide the required information viz. Date of Charter, Origin & Destination place of Charter, Purpose, No. Of Passengers, weight etc. After examining the customers requirement, PHL shall offer the suitable type of helicopter as per availability and detailed Terms & Conditions.

How much time in advance we can book the helicopter?

Short term (ad hoc)charter can be booked at a notice of minimum 24 hrs., subject to availability of suitable helicopter with Pawan Hans. However, all necessary requirements to undertake the flights viz. Helipads, Permission from respective authorities, fire fighting arrangements, security etc. to be ensured by the customers before the scheduled departure.

In case of long term requirement of helicopter, customer may approach Pawan Hans with detailed proposal providing minimum 7 working days.

What are the rates, terms & procedure of payment?

PHL has a mix fleet of 7 types of helicopters having seating capacity ranging from 5 to 26 passenger seats and the charter rate varies as per type of helicopters. The rate of helicopters will be provided as per type of helicopters requested by the customer.

To confirm the charter, passengers are required to make 100% payment in advance through RTGS. NEFT, DD/Cheque (subject to realization from the bank in advance)

Can we do online booking?

Yes. Online booking is permitted for Do Dham Charters (Kedarnath & Badrinath) through our website.,. However the ad hoc charters can be booked only as per availability of helicopter is confirmed by Pawan Hans

Are you having direct flights from Delhi to Kedarnath and back?

Presently there is no, direct flight from Delhi to Kedarnath. Passengers have an option to book charter flights from Delhi to Kedarnath or any other locations.

PHL operates passenger shuttle services from Phata to Kedarnath Dham during yatra seasons i.e. May-June and Sep-Oct. every year.

How many passengers can travel at a time for Kedarnath?

5 passengers.

What is the reporting time to board a flight?

One hour before the schedule departure time.

What is the procedure for hiring the helicopter for aerial shooting?

For aerial shooting, necessary permissions from respective authorities viz. DGCA, is to be obtained by the customers.