Frequently Asked Questions

How do we charter the helicopters?

Customer can write a letter giving details of their requirements such as seating capacity, type required, area to be visited, purpose, date/period of hiring etc. After examining by Pawan Hans, the customer is informed about the availability and other terms & conditions like payment terms, type available, total estimated hiring charges etc.

How much time in advance we can book the helicopter?

The ad-hoc charter requirements, are undertaken, subject to availability of the helicopter for the date(s) required. Notwithstanding this, minimum 48 hours notice is required, if the operations is to be carried out to & from approved airports/heliports. However, in case of any emergency the helicopter can be provided 3-4 hours notice, subject to availability of the same, operational feasibility, weather conditions, permissions etc. In case of non approved helipads/places etc., necessary approvals from the Dist. Magistrates and security of the helicopter, positioning of fuel, if required, facilities like fire fighting equipment, wind socks, ambulance etc. are required to be obtained/provided by the customer.

In case of long term requirement of helicopter say for a period of 6 months and above, the requirement is to be forwarded to the above mentioned contact details and after examination, detailed proposal is worked out and forwarded to the customer.

What are the rates, terms & procedure of payment?

The helicopters are provided under two options : Long term lease or short term ad-hoc charter basis and the same can be obtained over phone, fax, emails etc. The terms & conditions for ad-hoc charters are as under : -

  • Day for the billing purposes is counted from 0600 hrs. to 0600 hrs. the next day.

  • The helicopter would be provided subject to serviceability and weather conditions.

  • The rates will be applicable ex-Delhi (Safdarjung Airport)/Mumbai and back to Delhi (S’jung Airport)/Mumbai, as the case may be. In case the flight is not completed due to bad weather or other reasons beyond the control of Pawan Hans, the billing would be done for the duration the helicopter has flown and the amount thereof shall be payable by you.

  • Once the availability of the helicopter is confirmed, full advance payment is to be made deposited before flight by way of Demand Draft/Pay order favouring “Pawan Hans Ltd., payable at New Delhi/Mumbai” as per the estimated flying hours.

  • Permission for suitable place for landing and take off is to be taken by the customer from Dist. Magistrate/SSP/local authorities and forwarded to us. You are also required to provide facilities at helipads according to DGCA rules & regulation.

  • The arrangement for the security of the helicopter through local administration is also required to be done by you. Further, positioning of fuel (ATF) at the designated place at your cost, if required, is to be done at your end.

  • The availability of the helicopter under the above adhoc charter requirement is to be confirmed prior to making the programme.

Can we do online booking?

Yes. Online booking can be done through our website.

Are you having direct flights from Delhi to Kedarnath and back?

No. We are operating passenger services for Kedarnath Dham during yatra seasons i.e. May-June and Sep-Oct. every year from Augustmuni and Phata. Helicopter can be made available ex-Delhi/Dehradun on charter hire basis, subject to availability of the same at that time.

How many passengers can travel at a time for Kedarnath?

5 passengers.

What is the reporting time to board a flight?

One hour before the departure time.

What is the procedure for hiring the helicopter for aerial shooting?

For aerial shooting DGCA, India permission is required to be obtained. On receipt of the same the customer can approach Pawan Hans for hiring of the helicopter.